Over R460 million likely lost in East London water disruptions: Border-Kei Chamber of Business

APRIL 20, 2016

The Border-Kei Chamber of Business on Wednesday said that it deplores the recent water disruptions in East London, which it said has had such a dramatic impact on business in the Metro.

"The lack of communication and relevant information has led to speculation and damaging rumours and stimulated knee-jerk responses by business," said Les Holbrook, the Chamber's Executive Director, in a statement.

"Resulting closures and companies response management led to wholesale closures of business from 12hr00 on Tuesday afternoon through to Thursday morning."

Holbrook said that the resultant losses, so far, total "four hundred and sixty million Rand and are likely to be higher as it takes time for the water to be restored and business to return to normal".

"Underpinning this situation is our grave concern at being affected by a single water source situation, as well as slow response to the actual breakdown further exacerbated by poor communication," he said.

"Whilst we gather our resources and restart industry and commerce, we call on our Metro leadership to implement sweeping changes that ensure such disaster never occurs again and further, implement a far reaching communication strategy where every business and household is not left guessing what the actual situation is."