Passion, dedication, art: Become the next best chef in the world with SAACA!

Passion, dedication, art: Become the next best chef in the world with SAACA!

South African Academy of Culinary Arts (SAACA) owner, Ralph Gottschalk and his partner, Kevin Gouws, will be holding two open days this December, in order for students and their parents to see what they offer as a leading and internationally recognised culinary school.

Gottschalk, who also owns The Pastryworks, which is situated in Fernglen, Port Elizabeth, started SAACA in 2013, with the aim of guiding aspiring chefs in the right direction as well as to pass on his knowledge and passion for cooking and baking to the next generation of top chefs.

Both Gottschalk and Gouws, have years of experience in the culinary and pastry industry, gained from working in some of the world’s best kitchens.

They will be giving a presentation on the open day, where they will explain what SAACA has to offer their students, the curriculum, costs that are involved as well as the internship process, which will involve students travelling to hotels and restaurants abroad.

SAACA offers a one year course, where the student will receive a Diploma in either the culinary or pastry arts, or a Grande Diploma, for doing both courses. This is not only for beginners, but also for experienced chefs, who want to get an official qualification.

The curriculum, which Gottschalk and Gouws created, focuses mainly on interactive hands-on training. At SAACA, the student will learn culinary and pastry work from the basics, using all professional equipment, such as an ice-cream machine and industrial mixers. The student will then be assessed on both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Towards the end of the course, the student will be sent on two internships. One will be within South Africa for four weeks, and the other overseas to a select 5-Star international hotel for two to six months. This is a great once in a lifetime opportunity for students!

Students won’t have to worry about finances whilst on their internship abroad, as everything from accommodation to food is taken care of. All that the student would need to pay for would be the air tickets.

Once the student has completed the course, they will receive a Diploma issued by City & Guilds International, an internationally recognised qualification, this enables the student to go anywhere in the world. They will also receive a reference letter from SAACA, to help them find employment.

The open days will be on the 4th (starting at 18.30) and 5th (starting at 18.00) of December 2015. The classes are limited to 15 students, so book your spot now! Call 041 3643377 or visit SAACA online at today.