Pilot escapes unharmed as plane comes down after engine failure


A Port Elizabeth test pilot managed to escape unscathed after his light aeroplane crashed landed on a farm near Lady Slipper, not long after take-off on Friday morning.

According to reports, 53-year old Rego Burger said he was performing a test flight when the experimental Motorglider X-294 suffered an engine burnout moments after a complete loss of oil pressure.

“I glanced out on the right hand side of the wing and saw a field just to the east of Lady Slipper. I then proceeded to glide the aeroplane the best of my ability to this field,” Burger was quoted as saying.

He stated that smoke continued filling the cockpit, which led to him becoming blinded and caused the plane to hit a pylon before cartwheeling into the field.

“It was so violent that it actually threw my spectacles off. I couldn't see with the smoke and without my spectacles where the canopy latches were but I felt for them, pulled the canopy latches open, grabbed a few personal belongings and ran out as quick as possible and watched it burn,” he said.


IMAGE sourced from Wild News Facebook page