President Jacob Zuma to launch War on Leaks in Port Elizabeth

AUGUST 14, 2015

President Jacob Zuma, Minister of Water and Sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane, and her Deputy, Pamela Tshwete, are expected to officially launch the War on Leaks campaign in Port Elizabeth on 28 August, with the express aim of putting a stop to water leaks in households, schools, clinics and other public buildings.

According to the department, the War on Leaks campaign is about dealing with water that ends up being unaccounted for, as a result of leaking taps and pipes as well as illegal connections. South Africa loses about 37% of its fresh water every year through these means, which amounts to about R7 billion a year.

Minister Mokonyane appointed Rand Water to implement the War on Leaks project in 2014.

In addition to fixing leaks, the project places great emphasis on job creation. The programme is designed to train unemployed young people to fix leaks at part of the Tshepo 15 000 training programme.

This is expected to create employment as well as speed up leak repair time.

The training will be done in phases:

Phase 1 – 3 000 learners will be trained during 2015/2016

Phase 2 – 5 000 learners will be trained during 2016/2017

Phase 3 – 7 000 learners will be trained during 2017/2018