Presiding Officer acted within the rules when removing Malema - ANC


The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has welcomed Presiding Officer Grace Borotho’s ruling to have members of the Parliamentary Security remove Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, from yesterday’s sitting of the National Assembly.

Malema, who was also suspended from attending Parliament for the next five days, had refused to withdraw comments made during a debate last month, in which he described Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa as a murderer in relation to the deaths of mine workers at Marikana in 2012.

Twice asked to retract his statement, Malema indicated he would never apologise to Ramaphosa for the comments, before rejecting Borotho’s call for him to leave The House.

“I will never leave. Call those bouncers you hired to kill us. I am not going anywhere,” he said, referring to security that forcibly removed his party after they disrupted President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address in February.

In a post on Politicsweb, ANC Spokesperson in the Office of Chief Whip Stone Sizani, Moloto Mothapo, said Borotho had correctly followed the revised rules, which now allows for security intervention if a members cause a disturbance, and that Malema’s eviction and ultimate suspension is testament that “hooliganism” would no longer be accepted.

“Such allegations cannot be made except through a substantive motion. In the absence of any substantive proof to back up his allegations, Malema’s pronouncements were malicious, derogatory and slanderous,” Mothapo said.

“Parliament is a serious and dignified institution where the superiority of the views wins debates, not insults, gimmicks and disparaging allegations. We laud the presiding officer for strictly following the new tightened rules of the House, and ensuring that the business of the institution is not unduly disrupted by the conduct of Malema and his party who are notorious for anarchy and chaos”.



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CAPTION: Still image of Parliamentary Security removing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, from yesterday’s sitting of the National Assembly IMAGE sourced from SA Parliament on YouTube