Private Security minimum wage raised by 7.1%: Dept of Labour

AUGUST 30, 2016

The Private Security Sector minimum wage, will with effect from Thursday, increase by an average of 7.1%. The new Sectoral Determination (SD) will expire on 31 August 2017.

"The increase is in line with an agreement reached in 2015 in accordance with the stipulations of the Negotiated Framework Agreement for the National Bargaining Forum for the Private Security Sector," the Department of  Labour said.

"The latest increase in the Private Security Sectoral Determination will be in its second year of implementation. The Private Security Sector, on May 2015, signed a three-year minimum wage determination. Part of the agreement includes addressing the wage gap between the higher grade security officers and those in the lower wage band.

"As part of the new Sectoral Determination various allowances relating to night shift, cleaning, special allowances and others are also expected to be increased."

The Sectoral Determination prescribes minimum wages, number of leave days, working hours and termination rules.