Protesting Malamulele residents block road to Kruger National Park

JANUARY 29, 2015

Malamulele residents in Limpopo on Thursday blocked the road to the Kruger National Park’s Punda Maria gate as part of their campaign to demand a separate municipality from the Thulamela Local Municipality.

A few tourist trucks were turned back by the residents.

“They stopped us on the way and said we are not allowed to go through because there is a strike. If we go that side, they will hit the truck with stones and take the goods, there is nothing that I can do to save my life I must just go back,” says a driver who spoke to the SABC.

The Municipal Demarcation Board is expected to provide information regarding the outcome of a study on the proposal for a municipality on Friday.

“If the answer is not right with us, we will continue fighting, we are fighting for a municipality because we want jobs. The Thulamela Local Municipality gives jobs to Vendas and what about us (Tsonga people), we don't get the jobs,” a resident said.

Malamulele residents have been on a rampage demanding a separate municipality since 2014. Protests in the area have led to disruptions in schooling and damage to infrastructure.