Public Hearings On National Minimum Wage Gets Underway

NOVEMBER 3, 2014

The Chairperson of the Portfolio on Labour, Lumka Yengeni, says the national minimum wage is a tool aimed at improving the lives of the poor and the vulnerable groups in society.

The Committee is scheduled to start the nationwide public hearings on the national minimum wage starting in the Western Cape (Gugulethu and Worcester) on the 7-8 of November.

“Parliament is seeking the input of all South Africans as required by the Constitution; the Committee will make this process as inclusive and thorough as it is possible,” Yengeni said.

She described the debate on the national minimum wage as sensitive and said it needed caution to lessen any negative foreseeable impact on economic growth and job creation.

“This is not saying the national minimum wage will eradicate poverty, rather it will definitely make a difference in the lives of those vulnerable workers who are not able to put food on the table for their families, and often could not afford such basic items as uniforms for kids,” Yengeni said.

She said the Committee was aware of the negative propaganda of those opposed to the introduction of the national minimum wage. Parliament will be guided by what the majority says, particularly those who are vulnerable and will be rescued by the implementation of the national minimum wage.