R111 000 mandrax bust in Butterworth

AUGUST 18, 2015

Following police intelligence, the Butterworth police arrested three suspects aged 22 to 23 on Monday afternoon near Yako Informal Settlement, Butterworth.

The three were arrested for alleged possession of tablets, which were all suspected to be mandrax while they were alighting from a taxi en-route to Yako.

A 22-year-old suspect was found in possession of 1 092 tablets; the other 22-year-old suspect was found in possession of 50, and the 28-year-old suspect was found with 100 tablets.

The total number of the suspected drugs recovered from the three men is 1 242 and they are worth a street value of R111 782.

It is believed that the suspects purchased the suspected drugs in East London and were going to deal them in Butterworth.

All the suspects have been charged with possession of the tablets suspected to be Mandrax and will appear before the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.