R2 mil NMB traffic police motorbikes collect dust as road carnage worsens: DA

OCTOBER 26, 2015

In a statement posted on a local blog, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Nelson Mandela Bay, claims that safety on local roads was worsening while traffic police motorbikes bought for around R2 million by the Metro collect dust.

"If the municipality was serious about taking back the city the Mayor would mobilise all 19 of the idle traffic police motorbikes. In an act of complete neglect the municipality has left these R2-million motorbikes to rust in a yard for five years, " Gustav Rautenbach - Councillor Ward 8, claims in the statement.

"The DA once again appeals to the ANC to get these motorbikes onto the roads before more people lose their lives unnecessarily.

"If the municipality fails to act before the next council sitting, the DA will table a motion that seeks to have the motorbikes mobilised."

Rautenbach said tht in a safe city, traffic police are well-equipped and effective in ensuring road safety for all residents.

"It seems like these perfectly useful traffic police motorbikes are suffering the same fate as the IPTS buses. The DA will not allow this to go on," he says.

"Road users need to have the freedom to travel without fear or concern and the introduction of additional motorbikes would go a long way to ensuring this."