Rehabilitation of Newton Park Baths 45.69% Complete


The rehabilitation of the Newton Park swimming baths is 45.59% complete, according to a report to be submitted to the Sport, Recreation, Arts and Cultural Services Committee, which meets tomorrow.

Loose tiles were identified in the main pool after a routine draining in July last year.

The report states that a contractor was appointed on June 14 this year, although there were delays until the required safety certificate was approved.

The report says that currently, the contractor is about two weeks behind scheduled mainly as a result of the delivery of material that had “exceeded the expiry date of the manufacturer”.

The material was returned to the supplier and replaced.

The report states that the preparation and retiling of the walls and floor of the main pool is 100% complete, while the grouting is 50% complete and construction of expansion joints and application of joint sealants 20%.

With regard to the warm-up pool, the report states that preparation and retiling of the walls is 100% complete and of the floor 30%.

The grouting and construction of expansion joints and application of sealants has yet to start.

The report adds that approval for the additional work required at the baths is still awaited from the Bid Adjudication Committee, but points out that the completion date for the contract is September 11. - MetroMinutes.


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