Rescue under way for man who veered off cliff, trying to kick-start car

DECEMBER 23, 2015

Paramedics and rescue technicians have been working for hours to free a man trapped in a car which veered off a cliff in the Ngqeleni area of the Eastern Cape last night.

The drama of the rescue has now been escalated, with the addition of a helicopter which will be used to drop vital rescue equipment to paramedics who have remained with the injured driver.

Provincial government spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said that the man’s ordeal had started on Tuesday night.

"The man had been trying to kick-start his car when it veered from the road and plunged down a very steep cliff into dense bush," he said.

"The rescue is still under way. We have reached a point now where we will be using a chopper to try and drop a set of rescue equipment, including the Jaws of Life to be used down there," Kupelo added.

The rescue operation had been hampered by the dense bush which is virtually inaccessible by foot, as well as the darkness when the incident occurred.

Kupelo estimated that the rescue operation would continue for several hours.