Sarah Baartman District Municipality committed to Disability Workplace Experiential Learning Programme

AUGUST 7, 2015

The Sarah Baartman District Municipality’s recruitment of people with disabilities for experiential training in its departments is another way that the municipality is bettering the lives of its residents by improving their chances on the job market, says the municipality’s Special Programmes Unit (SPU) Manager, Luvuyo Madlakane.

“Ten people with some form of disability will be employed in the Sarah Baartman District Municipality by the end of this year as part of our Disability Workplace Experiential Learning Programme (DWELP),” says Madlakane, adding that each local municipality would contribute one DWELP candidate and the remaining one would come from the district itself.   

The interns will receive a monthly stipend from the municipality, in addition to their disability grant, he revealed.  

Entrance into this one-year programme will be subject to a criteria that looks at disability and at least a matric certificate pass, says Madlakane. He adds, however, that the door would not be closed to those who might not have a matric pass provided they have a Grade 10 certificate and some Further Education and Training (FET).    

“The rationale behind this initiative is to ensure that the District Municipality trains more people with disability so as to increase the chances of their employability in order to achieve the 2% requirement demanded by the employment equity,” he explains.

According to Madlakane, for each DWELP incumbent to be employed successfully, it would depend on the department concerned and the availability of relevant infrastructure in a municipality.

“For instance, to employ the blind candidate, the municipality concerned must have access to braille and the right infrastructure that would make it easy for the candidate to perform his or her duties,” he explains.