Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick: If God could speak to the Whale, what can He not do for You?

APRIL 8, 2016

Zephaniah 3v17
‘For the Lord thy God in the midst of thee is Mighty’

The police are not mighty, no-one is mighty. The army is not mighty, your husband is not mighty, no-one is mighty. Only God is mighty and He IS in your midst.

Your money is not mighty, your security company is not mighty, your doctor is not mighty and your pills are not mighty. Only God is mighty and He IS in your midst.

The bank is not mighty, your disease is NOT mighty, your needs are not mighty and your problems are NOT mighty. Only God IS mighty and He IS in your midst.

One day God said to me not so long ago, ‘There is nothing that I cannot do, there is no person that I cannot reach and there is no place that I cannot reach’.

Your gun is not mighty, your friends are not mighty, your resources are not mighty and your boss is not mighty. Only God is mighty and He IS in your midst.

Your security gates are not mighty, your alarm is not mighty, your abilities are not mighty and your Rottweilers are not mighty. Only God is mighty and He IS in your midst?

There is nothing that He cannot do, there is nothing that is impossible for Him.

Your pain is not mighty, your tragedy is not mighty, your depression is not mighty and your self-pity is not mighty. Only God is mighty and He IS in your midst.

Your loneliness is not mighty and your guilt is not mighty. Only God is mighty and He IS in your midst.

Do you really believe it? We have to come to the point where we need to decide to believe the Word of God or not. In the society that we live in, it is the done thing to put our trust in everyone and everything that we see as strong and capable. We trust in and depend on what our own understanding and logic tells us is trustworthy and reliable. But the word of God tells us to trust in Him alone and not to be led or dictated to by what we naturally think.

Proverbs 3v5
‘Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding’

Luke 1v37
‘For with God nothing will be impossible’

So often we wonder to ourselves and ask the question,’ Can God do it, will God do it?’ It really all comes down to how much you believe. To what level are you extending your faith in the living Lord Jesus? If we have faith for R5, then that is what we will get.

We need the Holy Spirit to impart revelation to us, which is a true, living word that He speaks and it comes in and takes a hold of our spirits and a light goes on.

Look around you, be aware of Him, His presence is always with you. If you are a child of God then His presence never leaves you. He is always in your midst. And yet we experience and suffer from so much fear. But He wants to be more real to you today than He has ever been before. He wants you to be fully persuaded and have no doubt whatsoever, that He is in your midst and that He alone is mighty. He is mighty for you, in every situation and circumstance that you find yourself in, He is mighty for you in every eventuality taking place in your life right now. He loves you and He wants to see you flourish and prosper in every area of your life. This includes your family life, your finances, your social life, your soul, your health and in your walk and relationship with Him. It includes every aspect of your life.

3 John 1v2
‘Beloved I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers’

It is often difficult to believe that God is mighty or that His presence always goes with us. It is always easier to believe in what we can actually see, feel and touch. But only He CAN do for you what no-one else can. Only He WILL do for you what no-one else wants to. Because Almighty God says that HE is for you and not against you. God can do anything, He is able, do you believe it? Where does your trust lie? In what does your trust lie? In what or whom are you putting your security? Is it Jesus Christ alone and the power of His blood? When we go to sleep at night, it is He Himself who says that we can sleep in peace because He is the one who keeps us safe. He is also the one who is able to keep us breathing, if we would but trust in Him.

Psalm 3v5
‘I laid me down and slept, I awakened, for the Lord sustained me’.

Psalm 4v8
‘I will both lay me down to sleep in peace, for thou O Lord, makes me to dwell in safety’.

God CAN and He WILL but our responsibility is to have faith in HIM. His word says that without faith we cannot please Him, but when we come to Him we must come in faith and believe, then He will reward us with what we are asking for. His word also tells us that if we have any doubt whatsoever, that we will obtain nothing from Him. I definitely don’t want doubt to be a block or an obstacle in my life, do you?

Hebrews 11v6
‘But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him’.

James 1v6-7
‘But let him ask in faith, not wavering, for he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord’.

Choose to believe against all odds in Almighty God today, choose to believe and accept that He IS in your midst and that He IS mighty. Choose to believe that He IS greater, stronger and more powerful than any predicament you find yourself in and anything that you are experiencing in any area.

If God can speak to a whale, how much more can He not speak to your circumstances, disease and troubles and command them to go and be made whole?

I am extremely security conscious. I have security gates up against all the outside doors and on all the inside doors of my house. It is like Fort Knox, but it helps me feel safe and secure. And recently I put up burglar bars from wall to wall, across every single window in my house, big and small. We do things like this because it has the effect of giving us ‘peace of mind’, especially in South Africa.

God challenged me on this and said to me, ‘Where is your trust lying, what are you putting your faith in?’ you see it doesn’t matter how much security I may have at home, if my trust is in that security for safekeeping and if my peace of mind comes that, then I am in the wrong. Then I am putting what I can do for myself and what others can do for me, over and above who God is and what He can do for me. Then I am trusting in man, and not in God. When I do this, then I limit God. It is like having faith for R5 and expecting to receive a million.

What are you going through, what is your circumstance today? What do you need from God at this point in your life, what are you trusting for, what are you hoping for?

Whatever it is, you MUST see that God is real and able and willing. You must see that He IS in your midst and that HE alone is mighty. The challenge is to not look to anyone else for help and answers, but to the King of kings and the Lord of lords alone. Stir up your faith, let it rise up inside you today and choose to believe in Almighty God, the one who loves you unconditionally and who is your Saviour, your Redeemer, your healer, your deliverer, your friend, your helper and your rampart.

Jonah is notorious for being a really disobedient person and is a Bible personality who is usually associated with disaster. In the Old Testament book of Jonah, we can read all about his story. God gave him clear instructions, which were to go to the city of Nineveh and preach God’s word, God’s specific word to the city at that time. Jonah didn’t want to know, so he tries to run away from God and what God wanted him to do.

We can never escape God, and because He is so mighty He has His way of keeping His finger on us. So Jonah finds himself in a predicament that only God could solve or sort out. Jonah finds himself in a place of needing a miracle, intervention from God, or else. His disobedience got him thrown overboard a ship in a raging storm. To save the lives of the people on board ship and to save the ship, Jonah was thrown overboard, as it was agreed that he was the cause of the storm and that God was punishing everyone because of Johan’s disobedience by trying to take a ship in the opposite direction of where God had told him to go. And they were right. God wanted Jonah’s attention. So he got thrown into deep waters, a place of trouble and turmoil. But God is gracious and didn’t just leave Jonah there to drown and die, but instead He sends a big fish to swallow Jonah and in so doing saves Jonah’s life. But God’s real aim was to save Jonah’s spirit and work in his heart.

Jonah 1v17
‘...And the Lord prepared a big fish to swallow Jonah...’

He wanted obedience from Jonah, but He also wanted Jonah to trust Him. God wanted Jonah to give Him that place of pre-eminence in his life that should belong to GOD ALONE. God wanted Jonah to have the mindset of ‘God you are everything, I will look to no-one or anything else, I will trust in you alone’.

Do you trust God like this? Does He have the place of pre-eminence in your life that He should have and that He wants to have? When Jonah was in a deep, dark place, the belly of the whale, and God had his attention, then God did a miracle. He did a miracle because Jonah repented from is disobedience and from not trusting in God. He did a miracle because Jonah acknowledged to God that he was nothing and that God was everything. So God sent a solution and an answer to Jonah’s dilemma and Nineveh’s salvation. God spoke to the whale, and the whale vomited Jonah out on dry land.

Jonah 2v10
‘...And the Lord spoke to the whale and the whale vomited Jonah out onto dry land’.

Everything was dependant on God speaking to the whale. What is the whale in your life today? What has been the whale in your life over the past few years or even longer?

If God can speak to a whale and get results, how much more can He not speak to your circumstances? When God speaks, things happen. He is mighty enough for you and He is mighty enough to speak to your situations. Make Him bigger than your situations, than your predicaments and than your circumstances.

The spoken word is the word that carries power. That is what is known as a revelation or Rhema word. It is a word that only God can give through His Holy Spirit. Ask Him to speak, ask Him to speak to you, ask Him to speak to your situation, ask Him to speak to the whale in your life. He IS in your midst and He IS mighty.

God will bring down the walls of Jericho in your life, but make Him mighty. Give Him the pre-eminence in your life that He needs in order to do it.

Be encouraged today, God is real, He is alive and well and He is with you. Because of Calvary, because of the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ who shed His blood for you and for me, God has an open way to help us. An open way to do a miracle for us and an open way to speak to the whales in our lives.

Let us trust Him together, let us believe in Him together, let us look to Him together, let us elevate Him in our lives together and let us ask Him to speak to the whale together.

Zephaniah 3v17
‘For the Lord thy God in the midst of thee is Mighty’.

All glory, honour and praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, through Christ Jesus.

Pray this Prayer:
God you are mighty, you are mighty in me and you are mighty in my life. You are here and you are in my midst. I ask you and I trust you today to speak to the whales in my life. I need and I want help, these are the areas or things (mention to God). I believe in you, in who you are and in what you can do. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and His blood has made a way for me, thank you. I choose to put my faith in you. There is nothing that you cannot do, there is no place that you cannot reach and no person that you cannot reach. I thank you in advance for your supernatural intervention in my life. I will look to no-one or anything else, but you. No one else is mighty, no person and no thing, only you alone. I WILL trust in you and in you alone. I will choose to believe you for change and breakthrough in my life today. In the name of JESUS, Amen.