Solidarity welcomes M-Net competition rules change but warns of “lip-service”


Trade union Solidarity has reportedly welcomed the decision by pay-television operator, M-Net, to change the rules of a competition that previously excluded whites from entering.

Last week, the union announced it would lodge a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) if the M-Net failed to change the rules of its Magic in Motion Academy, which only allowed black, Indian and coloured South Africans to enter for the chance to win a paid internship.

In a statement, Solidarity Head’s for Fair Labour Practices, Dirk Groenewald, said the channel’s lawyers confirmed on Tuesday it had made amendments to the competition.

“We are encouraging all white candidates who meet the internship requirements to apply. Should it transpire that no white candidates were included in the programme, this amendment would only have been lip service and we would continue to lodge a complaint with the Human Rights Commission,” he however warned.