St Andrew's College and DSG celebrate Balloon Week

OCTOBER 21, 2016

The Art, Dance, Drama and Music departments all made substantial contributions to the undoubted success of Balloon Week 2016. The Chapel Choir’s singing at Father Gary’s Farewell service, the Confirmation service and the Valedictory service enhanced the quality of worship for the whole community significantly.

The Art Exhibition was breath-taking and awe-inspiring in terms of the quality, quantity and depth of expression on display. The Jazz Ensemble also lent an air of sophistication to the proceedings. All in all, it was a fitting tribute and farewell to Mr Keith van Winkel who leaves us at the end of the year after 27 years of dedication and commitment to our schools.

The actual Prize-Giving ceremony up at the Monument Theatre was run like a well-oiled train courtesy of the inimitable skills of Mr Aidan Smith and Ms Maretha Potgieter. It was also awash with cultural contributions. At the DSG ceremony the Dance extract from the recent production Wild Things was both elegant and energetic.

The dramatic excerpt entitled The Chase was slick, polished and hilarious with a farce-like character reminiscent of this year’s play. At the SAC ceremony Doug Ramsden’s monologue was seat-squirmingly pertinent and thought-provoking. The rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven showed off a 5-piece Rock Band, a 60-piece Orchestra and an 80-voice Choir and was a crowd-pleaser of note.

The other musical offerings by Francis Christie (Guitar and Voice), the Chapel Choir and especially the Chamber Choir with their startlingly intricate and effective Chilli Con Carne all served to lighten the proceedings. A veritable smorgasbord of artistic delights!