Takes just over 1.5 hrs to fall in love: Researcher

FEBRUARY 16, 2015

Apparently research has revealed that it can take between 90 seconds and four minutes for you to fall in ‘like’ and then just 90 minutes more to fall in ‘love’. This was revealed by Dr Salome Gurgenidze, co-founder of Johannesburg-based aesthetic centre, Radiance for You, on the SABC’s Sunday’s edition of Morning Live.

Gurgenidze explained that the first four minutes of interaction with the person you meet are the most crucial.

This is characterised by 55% body language with emphasis on body language, 38% on tone of voice and articulation and the remaining 7% on reaction to the person on the receiving end.   

Gurgenidze says that first impressions are always important, adding that contact with the eyes is just as crucial, as the eyes are very expressive.

Eyes are the first feature that both men and women notice on the opposite sex, she explained.