'Taking Parliament / Legislature to the People' progrmme kicks off in East London

NOVEMBER 14, 2016

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP), in collaboration with the National Assembly and the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, is holding a Taking Parliament/Legislature to the People programme at Abbotsford Christian Centre in East London from Monday to Friday.

"The aim of this biannual programme, launched by the NCOP in 2002, is to conduct oversight through public hearings, site visits and formal sittings on education, economic development, social development and human settlements in the Eastern Cape," read a statement from the NCOP. 

"During the visit delegates will also have interactive sessions on higher education and economic development with Vice Chancellors, student representatives and various other stakeholders in the economic development from the Eastern Cape.

"The public hearings will give an opportunity to residents of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality and surrounding areas to engage face-to-face with their elected public representatives on service delivery related issues affecting them."

The weeklong visit will culminate in an address by President Jacob Zuma to a formal sitting of the NCOP at the Abbotsford Christian Centre in East London on Friday, 18 November.