The Council for Geosciences searching for earthquake hotspots in SA


The Council for Geosciences (CGS) is currently identifying the earthquake hotspots in the urban areas of South Africa.

“We have already identified the hot spots of South Africa, however we are planning to work on a smaller scale, specifically in the urban areas,” said Michelle Grobbelaar, who manages its seismology unit.  

“We plan to identify the hot spots within the urban areas in order to help mitigate future disasters due to building damage during an earthquake.”

The areas surrounding Johannesburg, Cape Town and Bloemfontein are the earthquake hotspots, according to the council’s map.

"What these hotspots indicate are the areas where one can expect higher levels of seismicity," added Grobbelaar.

"Thus, there is a higher chance that we can experience earthquakes in these areas as opposed to the other areas which are not highlighted on the map."

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake rocked Orkney on the 5th of August, with another 3.2 magnitude earthquake following in Carletonville on the 22nd of August.


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