The Diocesan School for Girls holds rite of passage ceremony

FEBRUARY 9, 2016

The Diocesan School for Girls, in Grahamstown, recently held a rite of passage ceremony for its Grade 8 students.

According to Cherié Wille, Communications Officer at the school, "The Diocesan School for Girls Grade 8 'Rite of Passage service' was the brainchild of the 2015 Matric’s who felt that there needed to be a point at which orientation stopped and life at the DSG began in earnest."

She said that coming out of this initiative was a very meaningful and deep ceremony in which the Grade 8s (and all new girls to the school) were asked to commit themselves to the life and ethos of the Diocesan School for Girls.

"These promises were reciprocated by the whole school, who welcomed them into our midst," Wille said.

"They were presented with small candles, which were lit to symbolize their transition into High School and their next five years at the DSG. Those candles will be lit again at their final Matric service when they will blow them out. A very special ceremony!”


Caption; Nina Owen-Jones is signing the register with Head Girl of The Diocesan School for Girls, Sandi Tabata.