Tikkie Aand at St Andrew's Preparatory School

AUGUST 10, 2016

Earlier this week, St Andrew’s Prep’s Memory hall was filled with game booths where all manner of excitement was happening from Shooting ping pong balls off of bottles to roasting marshmallows; from eating a hot cinnamon pancake to feasting on pizza. The games featured a `minute to win it' tasks with an assortment of goodies as prizes. Of course, there are always the usual fizz pops and sweeties, but this time there were also glow sticks, tattoos, stickers and shiny wands. And from up in the gallery, there were children jumping overboard - safely secured to an abseiling rope. A particularly gruesome game was reaching through a hole in a board into a hidden bucket filled with gloopy, cold, sticky things and fetching out a ball.


Caption: Grade 5 pupil Angus Pienaar aims a dart at the biggest prize marker.