Trend-spotting Ombre: Make a bold ombre statement with your décor!


Hot off the catwalks, and trending in everything from hair and nails to cake decorating and interiors, ombre is making a statement.

The word ‘ombre’ is derived from the French word ombrer, which means ‘to shade’. The ombre technique was, however, used in the early 19th Century to produce a graduated colour in fabric design.

In 2000, this trend was revived by the artist, Aaliyah, who dyed her hair black at the roots and gradually lighter to the hair tips. This trend was embraced by other A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bundchen.

Interior design has also gone crazy with this trend and it can be found in fabrics, wallpaper to accessories.

For a bold ombre statement, why not try painting a feature wall? If this is a bit risqué, opt for a smaller piece of furniture or an accent cushion.



  • Paint by Plascon
  • Fabrics by Hertex Fabrics 041 373 2887 - 129 Cape Road, Mill Park
  • Wallpaper by The Blumberg Fabric Company 041 373 1266 - 3 Edward Street, Richmond Hill

For ombre paint techniques contact Sharon Welman at 072 330 0083