Two Alexandria men arrested for drug dealing; awaiting trial prisoner busted with drugs


Joint efforts between Alexandria police and the Port Alfred K9 Unit led to the arrest of two Alexandria men, aged between 23 and 48 years old, for the possession of drugs on Wednesday, in Alexandria.

According to the police, a search warrant was issued to search a house in Alexandria were the drugs were found.

“The 48-year-old male was arrested for possession of mandrax, dealing in dagga and as well as additional charges of resisting arrest and hindering a police officer in the execution of his duties,” said police spokesperson, Captain Mali Govender.

She added that the team thereafter went to another house in Alexandria and arrested a 23 year-old male for possession of mandrax tablets.

Both suspects will appear before the Alexandria Magistrate Court soon.

In an unrelated incident, a court orderly at Alexandria Magistrate's Court became suspicious when two members of the community ran out of the court building on Wednesday.

They called police for assistance and a police constable, who was on duty, searched awaiting trial suspects at the court.

“A 34 year-old male, who was awaiting for his trial for two separate cases of housebreaking and theft and another charge for rape was found in possession of five small packets of dagga,” said Captain Govender.

She added that the suspect was slapped with an additional charge of drug possession and is expected to appear before Alexandria Magistrate Court on Thursday.