WATCH VIDEO: Stunt bikers crash at Aussie: The Australian Circus Spectacular in PE

MARCH 11, 2016

Video footage has emerged of the moment when the extreme bike stunt at the Aussie: The Australian Circus Spectacular, which has been happening at The Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth, went wrong during the finale of  Thursday's night show.

In the short video posted on Facebook by George van Baalen, three bikers race at once in the circus' so-called Globe of Death, when one stuntman misses timing and bumps into the other two at the roof of the structure. They fall to the bottom of the globe.

Watch video, click here >> 

Normally, the stunt, starts with two riders before a third and a fourth enter the globe to make a dizzying spectacle.

Understandably, one biker might have walked away with a broken arm.

Those who commented on the video expressed shock and their support for the entertainers.

At the time of publishing, RNews was still to receive comment from the local PR managers of Aussie: The Australian Circus Spectacular.

Aussie: The Australian Circus Spectacular was expected to close in Port Elizabeth on Sunday after the organisers extended it by a week due to popular demand. The Australian Circus Spectacular showcases a combination of cirque, vaudevillian slapstick comedy, and extreme stunts, including acrobatics, a human cannonball, FMX stunts and more.

When things go right, the bike stunt is usually a thing of beauty, see below: