Water Levels At Major Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Storage Dams Continue To Drop


The five major storage dams supplying Nelson Mandela Bay were at a combined 78.17% of capacity yesterday, marginally down from the 78.49% recorded on August 25 and are currently holding 220 093 megalitres of water.

In releasing the figures, the municipality said the largest dam, the Kouga, was currently at 84.26% of capacity, down slightly from the 84.92% recorded a week ago.

The second largest dam, the Impofu, was at 75.18% yesterday, down from 75.56% on August 25. The Churchill has remained static at 60.50% of capacity.

The second smallest dam, the Groendal, was at 98.40% of capacity yesterday, which is also the same figure as was recorded a week ago, while the smallest storage dam, the Loerie, has risen from 46.60% to 56.64% over the past week.

The municipality announced last week that wide-ranging water restrictions would be introduced from October 1.

This step has been taken following the annual modeling carried out by the Department of Water and Sanitation that predicted a water shortage crisis by 2015. As a result, Nelson Mandela Bay has been restricted to 90% of its annual water allocation from all its resources with effect from July 1, 2014. - MetroMinutes.


Photo courtesy of www.dropbydrop.eu