We Chat With Frikkie Venter, the General Manager at Williams Hunt Uitenhage

MARCH 17, 2015

What was the reason for the Opel Adam coming to production?

The Adam brings a whole new perspective to the compact boutique hatchback segment. Its combination of class-leading specification, trendy good looks, powerful yet efficient engines and customised interior pieces, fills an important gap in the market  for buyers who, until now, did not have a car that matches their particular brand of style and needs.   

What are some of the features that set the Adam apart from its rivals?

Each of the three Adam models comes packed with standard equipment, but highlights include the self-parking system on the Adam Jam and Glam. A range of styling packages on the Jam include a model-specific bodykit with 17-18-inch alloy wheels and Intellilink infotainment system equipped with pre-loaded apps for TuneIn, Stitcher and BringGo navigation.

What future models from Opel can we expected to see on our shores soon?

This month, we will be debuting the all-new Opel Corsa which comes with the same spec as the Adam, as well as the Opel Mokka, a small funky crossover SUV that has proved to be a major success in Europe with over 240 000 units having been ordered to date.