Wells Estate residents take to the streets for the second time in less than a month

JULY 1, 2015

Residents in Wells Estate on Wednesday reportedly torched a Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality vehicle, among others, as they took to the streets in another service delivery protest - for the second time in less than a month.

On June 17, Wells Estate residents besieged City Hall wanting to present a long list of grievances - including around housing, employment and youth skills developmet, education and health, to new Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan.

They claimed that they had been promised a number of things that were not fulfilled during Jordaan's predecessor, Ben Fihla.

Among these grievances was poor housing delivery.

Police were watching the situation on Wednesday as the residents barricaded streets in the morning.

Police also appealed to the public to report the perpetrators in the destruction of public property and the vehicles. 

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality advised motorists to avoid the Wells Estate area.

The Municipality's Safety and Security Directorate was monitoring the situation in collaboration with police.

Further advisories will be issued during the course of the day.