Whale flipper mistaken for wind surfer in trouble in Port Alfred

OCTOBER 10, 2016

The National Sea Rescue (NSRI) in Port Alfred on Sunday morning dispatched a crew out to sea in Kenton-on-Sea following eye-witness reports of a wind surfer suspected to be in difficulty off-shore of Kenton-on-Sea.

"On arrival on-scene, using binoculars, it was confirmed that a whale, lifting a flipper in and out the water while swimming against the wind and against the currents, was mistaken to appear to be a wind surfer's sail falling over and being pulled back up giving the impression of being a wind surfer in trouble," said NSRI spokesperson, Craig Lambinon.

"Being a false alarm with good intentions the eye-witnesses were commended for raising the alarm suspecting this to be a wind surfer in difficulty."