Will President Zuma announce the date of Nkandla repayments this week?

MARCH 9, 2015

The question on when President Jacob Zuma intends to repay part of the money spent on his private Nkandla home is expected to take centre stage during his appearance in the National Assembly this week.

President Zuma is scheduled to respond to oral questions in Parliament on Wednesday. The President’s last question session was cut short when Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Members of Parliament (MPs) chanted “pay back the money”.

However, Parliament says Zuma is only expected to respond to six questions in the National Assembly – and won’t be dealing with questions left unanswered during his last appearance on 21 August. EFF MPs chanted “pay back the money” during that chaotic sitting.

The EFF raised the Nkandla issue again during the President’s State of the Nation Address on 12 February resulting in EFF leader Julius Malema and his parliamentary caucus being dragged out of the chamber by police and security personnel.

Malema has warned Zuma would be made to answer the question on 11 March.

Last week, the Presidency announced additional proposed dates as to when Zuma would answer the MPs questions. The Presidency is also proposing that Zuma appear on 18 June, 6 August and 19 November.