11 connected with iron pins on the road


The police arrested eleven suspects who were connected to iron pins placed on roads in Pretoria.

“One of the suspects rushed at the police officers with a firearm. They fired at him and he was pronounced dead at the scene,” says Brig. Brenda Muridili, spokesperson for the police.

On Saturday, the police received information about the whereabouts of the suspects. They are suspected of having placed iron pins on the N1, N4 and R80 in Pretoria. They are also suspected of robberies related to online shopping, adds Muridili.

“The team deployed to a house in Winterveldt which was also used to operate an illegal shebeen. Ten men and a woman manage the shebeen.”

Five of the suspects, including the deceased, will be charged with a series of charges including rape and armed robbery. The woman will be charged with breaching the Immigration Act and operating an illegal shebeen.

“Investigating officers are currently attempting to connect the rest of the suspects to robberies involving online shopping and iron pins on the road.”

The police confiscated a fake firearm and alcohol.

“I am very satisfied with the dedication that worked tirelessly to make sure that they apprehend the suspects who have been harassing the community,” said Lt. Gen. Tommy Mthombeni, provincial police commissioner, said.

The suspects will appear in various courts in Pretoria on Monday.