1996 called… and he’s looking for his calendar


Hopefully you didn’t throw away that church calendar that hung behind the bathroom door in 1996: that very calendar can now be reused – almost 30 years later.

And while the Spice Girls and one-piece bathing suits à la Baywatch may no longer be high fashion in 2024, the 1996 calendar is back: 1996 was a leap year just like 2024 and both years started on a Monday, which means the calendar is even for the new year.

Moreover, the American presidential election date was correctly marked on an American 1996 calendar for 2024 as November 5. The Olympic Games will also take place this year – just like in 1996. The dates for the Games in 1996 and those of 2024 do not match.

Many nostalgic social media users have already turned to social media to point out the oddity to their fans and one such video on TikTok has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Meanwhile, second-hand sites like Ebay are selling hundreds of 1996 calendars to Americans with themes ranging from Star Wars and Barbie to Pamela Anderson. Prices vary from $50 (about R935) to $200 (about R3 750).

A Pocahontas calendar will set you back a whopping $149.99 (about R2 800) this year.

The calendars join a wave of fashion trends and hairstyles that are currently inspired by the 1990s.

  • According to the website Time and Date, the old guard can also reuse their calendars from 1968 and 1940 in 2024.