27 killed in fire at amusement park in India


A total of 27 people, including four young children, died after a fire broke out at a crowded amusement park in India.

Survivors claim they had to kick down doors and jump out of windows to escape the flames.

A row of bodies wrapped in white cloths lay in front of the center in Rajkot before it was taken away by authorities.

The four children who died were all under the age of 12, and many of the bodies were so badly burned that it was difficult to identify them, police said.

Outside the rubble, the mother and sister of 20-year-old Asha Kathad – who worked in the center – waited for news.

They held a photo of Asha on a mobile phone.

“We have no information about her,” Asha’s mother emotionally told local reporters.

More than 300 people were enjoying the summer vacation in the two-story structure at the TRP amusement park when the fire broke out on Saturday night.

“People were trapped after a temporary structure at the facility collapsed near the entrance, making it difficult for the people to get out,” a Rajkot fire official, Ilesh Kher, told reporters.

The flames spread quickly due to the structure’s flammable materials.

Prabhav Joshi, a government official, confirmed to reporters at the scene of the fire at the amusement park that the death toll rose to 27 on Sunday morning.

“The death toll in the fire incident is now 27,” he said. “The police have arrested two persons and the investigation continues.”

Fires are common in India due to poor building practices, overcrowding and a lack of compliance with safety regulations.

Another fire broke out in India’s capital on Saturday evening at a children’s hospital in which six newborn babies died. Passers-by rushed into the burning building to rescue the other newborns from the burning ward.