28 – 0: Aussies give Blitz a bloody nose


The Blitzbok players are probably still looking over their shoulders – the ghost of last season’s floundering performances has clearly not yet been banished from their camp.

Australia just gave South Africa a heinous nosebleed on the rugby sevens field when they finished the two teams’ quarter-final encounter 28 – 0 in Cape Town.

Ever wonder how you play to hundreds of patriotic spectators?

Just ask the Blitzbokke.

Because the Aussies scored four tries and Maurice Longbottom chased the ball over the crossbar to his heart’s content.

The home team’s poor handling, a woo-woor penalty attempt that didn’t find the touchline and overall goalless play gave the game away on a tray, as it were.

In addition, Quewin Nortjé was sent off with a yellow card early in the first half, while South Africa were very much the same, if ever, in Australia’s goal area.

One never wants to throw up unnecessary bile – after all, a team goes out to lose a game on its home ground – but it feels as if the Blitzboks have undone all the hard work of Dubai with one poor performance.

Critics often say that a team is only as good as its last game. And the South Africans now unfortunately came up with a very poor performance.

They are definitely better than that.

  • Scorers:

South Africa: No

Australia: Tries: Nathan Lawson (2), Hayden Sargeant and Dietrich Roache. Goals: Maurice Longbottom (3) and Roache.