A clap, and two are given the go ahead in ‘OME!’


Sadness and excitement ran high in the latest installment of On my demand! on the Uitzicht game farm after two ladies were sent home, and one more got a first kiss.

At the end of tonight’s episode, Nadia and Jané were invited by Brendan to sit aside and talk. Although they thought it was an opportunity to spend alone time with Brendan, it was, as it were, an opportunity for Brendan to break the difficult news to them that he would rather send them home.

However, before Brendan could make this challenging decision, he made sure to spend time with all the girls.

A visit in a cave

After Brendan barbecued with six women in last week’s episode, his next visit was with the other six who had to stay behind.

Christine, Chaunté, Runet, Janae, Natasha and Thelmané each had to put on their adventurous shoes, as they went to explore parts of the Eastern Free State on a quad bike with Brendan.

After this nerve-wracking ride, they went on foot to a cave, where quite a few snacks were waiting for them. Brendan then had to choose two girls with whom he wanted to spend time alone, and his uncertainty led to an unusual solution: the women had to draw sticks.

Runet was the lucky draw of the longest stick, and before long she and Brendan shared their hearts with each other. Although Runet, whose older sister in the first season of On my demand! was on display, opened her heart to Brendan, she felt that Brendan did not want to do the same.

Although Thelmané expressed her displeasure with this stick-pulling, she was the second woman Brendan chose for alone time. In their conversation, she moved Brendan with her testimony about her father’s death and her little brother’s miraculous recovery. Both later said that they formed a bond with each other on a spiritual level.

A piano, a ‘bride’ and Brendan

Finally, Brendan could only choose one girl for a longer date. That girl was Janae, who admitted that Brendan gave her butterflies.

After initially struggling to get the conversation going, before long the two were practically cooing to each other. It was Brendan who suggested that their visit move to the piano.

They sang together Brendan’s song, “Trouvrou”, before Brendan had his very first kiss for this season of On my demand! handed out. The 27-year-old singer admitted that the kiss actually surprised him, and that he actually only planned to give her a kiss at the end of the date.

The women ‘learn’ more about Brendan

Five women were chosen the next morning to take on a handicraft project in Fouriesburg with Brendan. Katja, Jané, Nadia, Christine and Natasha were chosen to go with Brendan on this appointment, where they had to make learning objects.

The ladies had a great laugh with Brendan, although Jané continuously expressed her unhappiness. It particularly bothered her that Katja tied the bracelet she made around Brendan’s arm and he didn’t take it off.

She also made it known repeatedly during her diary sessions that she did not like the superficial conversations that prevailed continuously.

After their time in the leather factory, they went to the Fouriesburg Country Inn where they enjoyed tea and scones. It was precisely during this visit that Brendan called Nadia and Jané aside to share the news with them that they would not be completing the journey with him.

“Every day is a new day. You never know what will happen,” Jané said later. She also felt that Brendan didn’t make the right choice, and that some of the girls were there for the wrong reasons.

Nadia again had an uplifting message about the experience.

“What this experience taught me is that you have to do things that scare you. Love was one of the things that scared me terribly. If I could do this, I can do anything.”

  • On my demand! is broadcast every Thursday evening at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.