A last tiki turn in the kitchen for these Kokkedores


A braai by the beach is the end of the road for two hopefuls Chefs mean.

Tonight Nicole and Mandré have their last barbecue on the Kokkedoor Fire & Flame-coal fried. A giant seafood challenge and some unique grilling techniques ended up being the last nail in their proverbial coffin.

The episode kicked off by the sea, at the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas. Five remaining teams polished their braai tongs to master this challenge.

Each team had to put together a real seafood plate, with a starch and a salad, a seafood soup and a dessert with a salty element. The participants had to use cod, and their dishes had to be dedicated to the local residents and fishermen of the area.

They also had to incorporate flavors from the northernmost point in Africa, which is located in Tunisia, into their dishes.

This is the second challenge facing the teams as they currently stand, and it appears that some teams’ growing pains are worse than others.

Joubert and Gert, who repeatedly butted heads in the kitchen last week, showed what they are capable of. There was no question of being clumsy, these two worked together like a machine.

“After the previous challenge, Gert and I woke up and realized that we need to communicate better with each other and work with a clear plan,” said Joubert. This is also exactly what these two men did.

They now worked together with their neighbours, Bertus and Ashley – a winning recipe for these two teams.

Mandré and Nicole initially started a row, although it later turned out that they had ironed out the snags. Nicole took the lead, with Mandré taking a supporting role. However, it was still not enough to get them a place in the top four teams.

In the end, it was Karen and Kevin, who turned out to be opposites, who walked off the beach as winners. Karen’s chatter initially drove Kevin up the wall, with Kevin’s silence driving her crazy in turn.

However, they found a better way to communicate with each other, so much so that they impressed the judges the most out of all the teams.

Kevin is determined not to go home quickly.

“This program has already done wonders for me. I don’t go home the same person – not a chance!”

  • Kokkedoor Fire & Flame is broadcast Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.