A magical evening in Argentina


Augusto Romeo lives in Argentina. At the beginning of 2020, and at the beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic, he developed an interest in Afrikaans and the history of South Africa.

He recently visited the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. His writing is published just as he sent it to us. This has not been edited or edited:

All the culture and beauty of my city is gathered around one place: The colon theater.

It was simply wonderful. Because of its caves, acoustics and history, it is considered one of the best lyrical theaters in the world.

Tonight was the presentation of the great comedy of William Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew (original title). This is one of the most popular works of this author. The work was brought to the ballet for the distinguished choreographer and dancer John Cranko in the 60s decade.

John Cranko born in Rustenberg, South Africa in 1927. He trained in Cape Town at the University of Cape Town Ballet School. First he created the Munich opera and later directed the Stuttgart ballet between 1961 and his early death.

The ballet based on William Shakespeare’s classic comedy The Taming of the Shrew has now been brought to the Colon Theater in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

The story of the work takes place in Verona Italy (as Romeo and Juliet) and the same has love, courtship and marriage as its central theme.

I am proud to share with you about the beautiful places and culture of my country, just as I appreciate the history and love for its roots.

Good luck and greetings

Augustus Romeo