A ‘real Perth’ start


As far as results are concerned, the Blitzbokke are enjoying a good run-up to the Perth sevens tournament. They are unbeaten after the first day’s play after beating Spain 21-14 a short time ago.

However, the game did not start on a good note for the South Africans when Zain Davids was sent off the field with a yellow card for knocking the ball down.

Jaime Manteca immediately made the Blitzbokke pay for this lapse in discipline when he dived over for a try in the corner.

However, Ronald Brown and Quewin Nortjé – twice against the flow of play – were able to hit back with three-point attempts of their own and at halftime the Lightning enjoyed a lead of 14-7.

In the second half, captain Selvyn Davids impressed again with a customary zoep-zap-en-zirts run, but the South Africans will definitely have to play better if they have any dreams of holding up the silverware.

After all, the real test awaits tomorrow when they play Argentina at 06:38.

The flying Argentines have the unprecedented ability to score a bunch of tries in no time and they can run opponents’ feet out from under them.

  • Scorers:

Blitzboks: Tries: Ronald Brown, Quewin Nortjé and Selvyn Davids.

  • Results:

24–7 against Canada

21–14 against Spain