ACDP Appoints Analyst on Voting Inquiries, Complaints, Allegations


The ACDP appointed a “competent, independent election analyst” to take charge of the party’s objections to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) regarding complaints and allegations about the last election.

The party says the process will last at least a few weeks and possibly even a few months. Members, party agents and voters in communities may be asked to submit more information or evidence about their experiences.

According to the ACDP, he was inundated with queries, complaints and allegations from members, party agents, supporters and voters about the voting and counting process. “We want to assure you that we have heard you, we are paying attention to the issues you have raised and will provide feedback,” the party says in a statement.

The objections process is prescribed by legislation and regulations and requires, among other things, that objections be substantiated; that the request for relief be set out and that such objections be submitted to the IEC before the 48 hour deadline following the conclusion of the election.

The party says the deadline is not achievable and given the seriousness of the objections they are putting together, the widespread nature of problems they have seen since Monday 27 May and the burden of substantiation that must be met. In a meeting, the party called on the national party liaison committee to be lenient in allowing the late submission of their objections. “All political parties in the assembly supported the request.

“Given the substantial and numerous nature of the objections that will be submitted by the ACDP and many other interested and affected parties in the coming weeks, we have in the same meeting the statement by the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) election observer mission that the election was free and fair, rejected.

“Such a statement is premature, inaccurate, lacks credibility and is inconsistent with the experiences of millions of South Africans since May 27 who have tried to cast their vote, who have worked during the voting and counting process, and/or various witnessed systemic failures that occurred during the election. Many political parties in the assembly agreed with the ACDP in this regard.”

The possibility that the ACDP can reconsider its view on this is not excluded, but this can only be after all objections have been dealt with by the IEC and even the electoral court, the party said.