Action called for against EFF members at Tuks


The EFF’s student movement at the University of Pretoria (UP) marched to the university’s Hatfield campus on Tuesday and it was apparently accompanied by intimidation and racism.

Members of the EFF Tshwane apparently also took part in the performance. The student movement said it was campaigning against racism at the university and about its eight elected student council candidates who could be disqualified as election candidates due to their violation of student council election rules.

However, the EFF’s student movement at the university (EFFSC UP) argues that the disqualification is invalid and that its members have gone through racism and, among other things, the k-word has been snubbed.

Liam Jacobs, leader of the DA student organisation, believes that it is the EFF that is guilty of racism, as well as violence, intimidation and vandalism.

“Garbage was set on fire while Herold Street and Duxbury Road were forcibly closed by EFF members with bricks.

“However, the most shocking was the EFF’s regional chairman, Obakeng Ramabodu, who told students that ‘only black students’ could enter the campus. There is also video evidence of students being harassed and threatened based on their skin color.”

The DA student organization called for urgent action by law enforcement authorities. “We will also report any cases of racism and race-related violence to the HRC and the university management.”

The university’s independent election monitoring panel (IMB) decided earlier this month that the relevant disciplinary authorities should investigate members of the EFF’s student movement for violations of the election regulations. At this stage, no final announcement has been made about the outcome of the election.

RNews previously reported that earlier this month the EFFSC UP tried to solicit votes in a noisy manner outside women’s hostels and even sang “Kill the Boer”.

AfriForum Youth maintains that the EFFSC UP has been guilty of intimidation, inciting violence, disrupting study sessions and fueling racial tension.