Administration efforts in Tshwane metro ‘will be fought’


The DA will vehemently oppose any attempts by the Gauteng provincial government to place the Tshwane metro under administration.

According to reports, the Gauteng government wants to once again place the Tshwane metro under administration due to the crippling strike that has crippled service delivery in the past few weeks.

Kwena Moloto, spokesperson for the DA caucus in Tshwane, believes that it is becoming very clear that the ANC and EFF coalition in collaboration with aligned trade unions is again deliberately trying to create conditions for the metro to be placed under administration.

“For the first time in years, the Tshwane metro is under the management of a stable coalition government that is working diligently to correct the city’s financial situation after years of mismanagement. While it is true that challenges face the metro and the office of the mayor, the current government in Tshwane is finally able to overcome these obstacles. In contrast to the previous lawlessness and irregularities in the capital, we now see a desperate provincial leadership that seeks to undermine effective governance.”

The reality is that the introduction of good governance in the Tshwane metro has not only eradicated widespread corruption, but also made it impossible for corrupt practices to continue, says Moloto. “An efficient government, especially in the capital of South Africa, underlines what many people have known for some time: The ANC is not fit to govern.”

The DA appealed to the provincial government to become part of the solution in the Tshwane metro by fulfilling its constitutional duty which requires it to support the metro. “Focus on this duty rather than playing politics that hampers service delivery.

“Should the provincial government really be concerned about the well-being of Tshwane’s residents, we invite them to attend council meetings and see which individuals stand in the way of the city’s prosperity. They will, like us, find an incompetent speaker who constantly puts his own political interests above his constitutional duty.”

According to Moloto, the DA will spare no effort to protect a democratically elected government. “Regardless of any undue influence, hidden motives, corruption or violent protests, we remain committed to upholding the core of the Constitution and legality.”