AfriForum in court over judge in ‘Kill the Boer’ appeal case


AfriForum’s court case, in which the withdrawal of acting appeal judge Raylene Keightley is requested, began today in the highest court of appeal. In 2023, AfriForum’s legal team made a formal request to the registrar of this court that Judge Keightley withdraw herself from the panel of judges who must decide on AfriForum’s appeal application against Julius Malema and the EFF’s chant of “Kill the Boer”.

Judgment in the case is reserved.

The application was submitted after it came to light that acting appeals judge Keightley held strong opinions against AfriForum in a 2018 court case. One of her comments suggested that the organization clings to “anachronistic views”. During that case, Keightley also hinted that if she might preside over any case of AfriForum in the future, the organization might find it appropriate to request her withdrawal.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, it is regrettable that AfriForum had to make use of legal action regarding Judge Keightley’s withdrawal. The organization hoped that Judge Keightley would recuse herself voluntarily on principle and in the interest of protecting the integrity of the courts.

In a letter from Keightley’s legal representatives to AfriForum in September last year, Keightley claims that AfriForum was already aware of the statements earlier and that she is being quoted “selectively”. Her legal representatives also indicate in this letter that she will oppose the application to withdraw from the case.

Kriel says judges with, according to members of the public’s observation, clear biases that influence court rulings, undermine people’s trust in the country’s legal system. “AfriForum will do what it takes to ensure that the ‘Kill the Boer’ appeal case continues without any judicial bias.”