Afrikaans telenovela celebrates 1000th dramatic episode


The KykNET&kie telenovelaArendsvleicelebrates its 1,000th drama-packed episode on Thursday and promises to keep viewers glued to their screens until the show comes to an end in June 2024 after six seasons.

“Between Beatrice’s controversial love life, Arendsvlei High School’s obstacles and Wendy Newman and the Galants’ antics, there is always something that keeps the story fresh and unpredictable,” says Tarryn Josephs, publicity manager of Arendsvlei.

The first episode of Arendsvlei was broadcast on October 1, 2018. It was kykNET’s first Afrikaans telenovela, and the series won three awards at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) over six seasons.

Set against the backdrop of the fictional Arendsvlei High School, run by the Cupido family, the series is full of drama with teachers and pupils confronting issues such as depression, addiction, murder, revenge and teenage pregnancy.

Josephs says that the programme’s milestone of reaching 1000 episodes is not only a highlight, but also a great privilege.

“We are privileged to work with so many talented people who give their all every day to make sure we create the best product. We always try to tell stories that our viewers can relate to, and their feedback and empathy is incredible.”

Jolene Martin, who plays the role of Beatrice Cupido, says there have been numerous professional and personal highlights over the past six years, but to reach 1000 episodes is a gigantic achievement.

“To be part of a program that has left such an indisputable mark on the entertainment industry is indescribable. Our viewers are not just fans, they are a step higher. They laughed and cried with us, and for that I will be eternally grateful,” says Martin.

A few days ago, viewers saw Kyle Borman (Dries Botha), the police captain and Beatrice’s ex-fiancé, convey the news to her that Clint Smith (Clayton Evertson) had passed away during a work assignment.

Shortly after he and Beatrice found each other again, Clint unexpectedly received an urgent work assignment, and he hesitated and weighed whether he should stay or go. Beatrice finally encouraged him to carry out the order just this one last time, but he would never come home again.

Evertson has a heavy but warm heart of hers Arendsvlei-family said goodbye.

“I’m really going to miss our chats between scenes. When the camera was rolling, everyone was professional and serious, but as soon as that scene was over, we were laughing so hard together. We had serious discussions, but wow, we were mostly just being silly,” he says.

Arendsvlei-viewers should hold on to their seats. There are still a lot of great storylines to come that will make them sit up,” adds Josephs.

*Arendsvlei can be seen Mondays to Thursdays on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145). This telenovela is also available on both DStv Catch Up and DStv Stream.