After 65 years, song is finally number 1


Brenda Lee released “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” back in 1958, but this classic song never hit the number one spot on the charts – until now.

The song has held the number two spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the past four Christmas seasons, but moved up to number one for the first time this week.

Lee was just 13 years old when she recorded the song.

According to Good Morning America she was very emotional when she heard the news.

This is only the third time that a song about Christmas has taken first place on the Hot 100 chart, after Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and the Chipmunks’ “The Chipmunk Song” with David Seville.

Lee’s song broke a series of records by moving into the first position, reports CBS News. It is the longest it has taken a single to reach number one, and the longest it has taken to climb the ladder of the charts (it first reached the Hot 100 in 1960). Lee is also the oldest person to appear in the number one spot and she also now holds the record for the longest period between two top hits (that’s 63 years after her hit “I Want to Be Wanted” was a number one hit ).

NPR explains that changes to Billboard ‘s calculation formula has made it easier for older songs to reach the number one position, as streaming services now have a greater impact on the song’s popularity. This is a phenomenon that plays a role especially during the holiday season when people listen to older music.

Mariah Carey’s classic song held the number one position for four consecutive years after the change.

Lee helped dethrone Mariah’s song (currently in second place) when she recorded a new music video – the song’s first official music video.