Air Force Member Flying Success at USA Beauty Pageant


Madison Marsh, a 22-year-old second lieutenant in the US Air Force, made history on Sunday evening in Orlando, Florida in the USA when she became the first active duty officer of any US military branch to be crowned Miss. America to be crowned.

Marsh was crowned Miss in May 2023. Colorado and competed on Sunday against representatives from the 49 other US states, as well as a participant from the District of Columbia.

She is also currently a master’s student at the Harvard Kennedy Business School after completing her undergraduate studies in physics at Harvard in 2022.

The young lieutenant chose not to sing or dance during the beauty pageant’s talent round on Sunday night, but instead talked about receiving her pilot’s license at the age of 16 – a dream she had pursued since childhood, according to the New York Post.

The blonde beauty has been dubbed the “beautiful Top Gun pilot” by the American media and wants to use her platform to dispel stereotypes about military women.

According to Marsh, she also wants to focus her attention on the gaps and challenges of the American health system after her late mother’s battle with pancreatic cancer.

She told Fox News that the Air Force is “fully supportive” of her beauty pageant journey.

How is Ms. different? America of Miss USA?

Although this is still new to South Africa, elsewhere it is not unusual for a country to have more than one national beauty pageant under different license holders.

In the USA, winners of Miss. America to the international Miss. World competition sent, while winners of Miss. USA to Miss Being sent all over the world.

RNews previously reported that Miss. World is the oldest international beauty pageant in the world, and has a stronger welfare and humanitarian focus with their Beauty with a Purpose program as Miss. Universe.

The competition’s swimwear section was already abolished 10 years ago.

Marsh will represent the USA at the Miss USA on March 2, 2024. World stage in India represented.

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