Akademia excels at choir festival


By Marianne Pouwels

Last week the NG church University Resort in Hatfield was buzzing with harmonious melodies of excellence with Akademia’s university choir at the center of their second annual choral festival.

It was a gathering of the best vocal ensembles, which included Garsfontein High School, Waterkloof High School, Eldoraigne High School and the Rheinberger Chamber Choir. These ensembles brought unique sounds to Wednesday night’s proceedings, which added to the lively atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie amongst the musicians.

A highlight was the Akademia Choir’s excellent performance, which received a thunderous applause.

“The choir festival was a great success. It was a great privilege for us as Akademia to be able to connect with the other choirs from Pretoria, and it was nice to make music together,” said Miné Hermann, Akademia’s student council member for culture.

The conductor of the Akademia Choir, Franco Prinsloo, also a world-renowned composer and choir conductor, made sure that the Akademia Choir’s repertoire varies from classical choral arrangements to contemporary compositions.

“The choir festival not only showcased the incredible talent of choirs, but also highlighted the transformative power of choral music in promoting unity and spreading joy.

“For me it was so nice to see how wonderful, active choral culture there is in our city. It is also gratifying for me to see how the Akademia Choir grows with each performance. The choir festival was a success in my eyes and I can’t wait for our third choir festival next year. Choral music brings people together and leads to people singing and experiencing expression together,” added Prinsloo.

The Akademia-koop was also nominated for their interpretation of a spiritual choral piece at the Legato choir festival on August 26 for the “exceptional performance of spiritual choral work” for their song, “Markus 10 – Die Beker”. The awards night will take place on 15 September.

“The Legato award, which recognizes excellence in choral performance, is proof of the skill and artistry of the Akademia Choir. This nomination serves as a confirmation of their hard work and commitment to deliver shows that entertain, but also inspire and uplift,” said Prinsloo.