Alleged drug peddler dead after TV show’s visit


An alleged drug peddler died shortly after a film crew of the show Sizok’thola – which is broadcast on channel 157 on DStv – in collaboration with the community policing forum, questioned him about his alleged involvement in drug dealing.

According to a statement by the TV channel Moja Love, the suspected drug dealer Robert “Kicks” Varrie, who died this week under mysterious circumstances, resisted the alleged legal orders of recognized members of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) during a drug raid on July 19 in Katlehong.

The statement follows revelations by the Sunday newspaper City Press, who argues that the drama surrounding Varrie’s death began when Xolani Khumalo, presenter of the programme Sizok’tholahis film crew and Gauteng patrollers, popularly known as amapanyazacollapsed on a house in Katlehong in the south-east of Johannesburg on Wednesday.

“After continued efforts by members of the CPF, he finally agreed to hand over the illegal drugs he had hidden on the premises,” says Moja Love.

Eunice Raadt, Varrie’s friend who lived with him and their two children, continued City Press said that she was at a nearby saloon when she saw the fleet of vehicles passing by.

“I saw a lot of people, too amapanyaza and a camera crew. The residents were very excited to see Khumalo here.

“After that I rushed home and when I got there I found my baby outside on the ground; in the house I could hear Kicks screaming,” says Raadt.

According to Raadt, she was forbidden to enter the house, but the door was slightly open and she could see a group of armed men wearing masks and holding her boyfriend.

“Varrie’s pants were off, and his underwear was wet.”

Raadt says the group apparently found two bags of drugs, but continued to demand that Varrie also hand over the rest of the hidden drugs.

“They then put a plastic bag around his head and sprayed him with pepper spray before suffocating him. As they pinned him down, they told him to move his right leg if he wanted to confess to his alleged involvement in drug trafficking.”

The TV channel says it can confirm that the film crew was in the vicinity of the premises when the deceased was interviewed, but is still investigating the circumstances that led to Varrie having to be rushed to the hospital.

“We will wait for the official autopsy report on the cause of death,” says Moja Love.

The channel says it continues to work with law enforcement agencies and case numbers for each program are shared and suspects handed over to the authorities for further investigations and legal processes.

“We will also cooperate with the authorities during this investigation and we express our deepest condolences to the deceased’s family.”