Americans will consume 1.4 billion wings over Super Bowl weekend


It is generally accepted that everything in the USA is “bigger”: states, houses, vehicles, portions and apparently also Americans’ appetite for chicken during the annual Super Bowl football championship.

While South Africans like to nibble on a piece of biltong or braai meat during sports matches, the National Chicken Council in the USA predicts that its citizens will consume more than 1.4 billion chicken wings as they attend the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Antonio on February 11. Francisco 49ers football teams watch.

Next to Thanksgiving, the day on which the Super Bowl is played is America’s biggest “eating day”.

But where a turkey is usually enjoyed on Thanksgiving, chicken wings are Americans’ preferred food for the Super Bowl event, according to the council’s 2024 chicken wing report.

Maine is the only one of the 49 states where residents would rather dish up lobster for the occasion.

“Football is fun. Chicken wings are delicious. Together they are even better,” said Tom Super, chairman of the National Chicken Council.

“Of course you can still enjoy your chips, guacamole and pizza. But when it comes to menus on Sunday, chicken wings are definitely king.”

This is how chicken wings are eaten

According to Super, most Americans (53%) enjoy a chicken wing on the bone rather than a boneless chicken wing. A total of 38% of Americans still prefer a chicken breast, although wings are 20% of Americans’ favorite cut.

Preferred dipping sauces for chicken wings are BBQ (52%), ranch (52%) and then the popular traditional Buffalo sauce (41%) – which can also burn nicely.

Potato chips are the leader when it comes to side dishes (72%), while 14% enjoy a salad with their wings.

How much is 1.45 billion wings really?

To help readers visualize just how many 1.45 billion chicken wings are, Super broke it down like this:

  • 1.45 billion chicken wings are enough for every man, woman and child in the US to eat four wings each.
  • If Kansas City coach Andy Reid ate 50 chicken wings every day, it would take him 79,452 years to eat all 1.45 billion chicken wings.
  • 1.45 billion chicken wings are enough to put 693 wings on every seat in each of the 30 national football stadiums in the country.
  • If unpacked side by side, 1.45 billion chicken wings would make up one third of the way to the moon.
  • If each chicken wing represented one second forward, there would be 1.45 million chicken wings 46 years from now.

According to Super, wholesale prices of chicken wings are slightly higher this year, as is the demand for them.

This can be attributed to a slight decrease in chicken production, as well as the cold chicken wing stock which in November last year decreased by 13% compared to the previous year.

At a retail level, the price of fresh chicken wings fell by approximately 5%, while the price of frozen chicken wings decreased by 11%.