An end to goat fever on this Top-20


The Bokgees is now running even higher after the Springboks’ World Cup rugby tournament, and Leon Schuster’s “The Bok Machine” takes the number one spot on RNews’s Afrikaans Top-20. The lyric video of this song has already been viewed more than 785,000 times in less than two months.

Loufie’s “Bokke”, which was at number 20 last week, climbs to third place on the week’s hit parade.

In this week’s Top-20 there are six songs that climb, 12 that lose their places and two songs that remain unchanged.

1. Leon Schuster – “The Goat Machine”
2. Riaan Benadé – “Boxing Dais”
3. Loufi – “Goats”
4. The Banana Peels – “Inge 2”
5. Elandré – “Please”
6. Brendan Peyper – “Tired Dance”
7. Apple – “Mistakes”
8. Juanita du Plessis – “Dear jinn!”
9. The Banana Peels – “Lyntjie”
10. Eloff – “Cold coals”
11. Barto – “H2Eyes”
12. Juan Boucher with Tasché – “South”
13. Barto – “Impulsive”
14. Jay – “Naughty Ass”
15. Die Heuwels Fantastic with Appel – “Nora Vlok”
16. Brendan Peyper – “Tour around the floor”
17. Bernice West – “If He Comes Again”
18. Apple – “Diana”
19. Riana Nel – “I wonder”
20. Apple – “Sugar Bush”

New releases:

The Du Plessis’s spoil again with a song from their own pen, sung by Ruan Josh. “Ek sukkel” is a nice Afrikaans sock song, says Ruan. It is a nice tongue-in-cheek song and deals with Ruan’s meeting with a former Miss. South Africa. Ruan tells that he has a challenge to talk to beautiful women and blushes crimson.

“Tannie Katesbes” is a song written by Fatman and Roux Cloete and is dedicated to all fathers with beautiful daughters. About the song, Fatman says: “Of course, every father has the fear that a guy will come to visit his daughter, one who does not carry your approval.” It was with this in mind that the song “Tannie Katesbes” was created.

Other songs released are Daniel Eeuwrick’s “Afrika kind”, Alida Lief’s “Boerecountry”, John Rock Prophet with Debbie K’s “Die son en die maan”, Jacob Swann’s “Is als beter?”, Shy! together with Jan Bloukaas’ “Blitse skugter”, Elandré’s “In my eyes”, Mionette’s “Groenlig”, Anya Swart’s “Hartenbos”, Tian Nienaber’s “Hemel se door”, Tertius Rooi’s “Koffie”, RAAF’s ” Another place at my table”, Phillip’s “So feeling” and Stiaan Reynierse with Dozi’s “Sprokie vir o stadskind”.

* The RNews Afrikaans Top-20 is compiled by single releases and various data factors are taken into account: Apple Music and Spotify streams, YouTube views (specifically week-to-week data), as well as radio playtime. Physical album sales have no influence on this hit parade.