ANC-EFF coalition ‘will mean SA’s downfall’ – survey


Most voters in the Western Cape believe that if the ANC and EFF form a national coalition after next year’s election, it will result in a “doomsday scenario” for South Africa. This includes almost half of ANC voters in the Western Cape.

The foundation for social research (SRF) obtained the data from a survey conducted in July this year among 2,590 registered voters in the Western Cape.

According to the data, the majority of voters (64%) completely agree with the statement that a coalition between the ANC and the EFF will be damning for the country.

A total of 84% of English-speaking voters said they completely agreed with the statement, compared to 64% of Afrikaans-speaking voters and 44% of Xhosa-speaking voters. A total of 79% of white voters completely agree with the statement, while 74% of colored people, 64% of Indians and 36% of black voters in the Western Cape agree with this.

However, it would appear that ANC members in the Western Cape are divided over this. A total of 41% of ANC voters in the Western Cape indicated that they completely agreed with the statement, compared to 45% who did not agree with the statement at all. A total of 6% somewhat agree with the statement.

Voters with a lower level of education (gr. R to gr. 7) were more likely to disagree with the statement (77%), compared to 77% of those with a university degree who completely agree with the statement.

However, Western Cape voters are apparently also not completely convinced that the DA can solve the country’s problems. Only 39% of voters indicated during the survey that they completely agree that the future is the least uncertain under the leadership of a DA government and that the DA can offer the best prospects for voters and their families. A further 26% somewhat agree with this, 12% somewhat disagree and 19% completely disagree with this statement.

A total of 67% of Afrikaans-speaking voters fully agreed with this statement, followed by 35% of English-speaking voters and 17% of Xhosa-speaking voters. Slightly more Indian voters (66%) agreed with this than white voters (65%), while 41% brown and only 14% black voters completely agree that the DA can ensure the best future for South Africans.

A quarter (25%) of the participants in the survey also indicated that their quality of life had not significantly improved under the DA government. Most of these were Xhosa-speaking voters (68%).

The survey also asked whether voters agree that the Western Cape needs a party that focuses exclusively on colored people’s interests and almost half (48%) of participants seem to be in favor of such a party.

From the data it is clear that most of the participants who vote for the DA (49%) do not feel at all that the Western Cape should have a party for colored people that specifically focuses on colored people’s problems. In contrast, 84% of voters who vote for the EFF do believe that a political party that looks after the interests of colored people is very important. A total of 63% of those who vote for the ANC feel strongly that such a party is needed in the Western Cape. In terms of race, 77% of black voters, 40% of colored voters, 40% of Indian voters and 35% of white voters completely agreed that the Western Cape needs a party exclusively for colored people.