Anlia Etzebeth proud Springbok woman, ‘standing firm’ behind Eben


For months, the Rugby World Cup was a huge talking point in the Etzebeth household – how could Anlia do otherwise than write a song for her husband, Eben Etzebeth and the Springboks?

“I actually wanted to release a song for the World Cup quite some time ago, especially because it only happens once in four years,” Anlia told RNews.

“Eben encouraged me a lot, and I knew that it would be special for him too.”

Anlia confesses that she did not plan to write “Saam, South Africa” ​​herself, but that time caught up with her and it was simply an easier way out to write it down herself.

However, she knew that she wanted to enlist the help of a rugby hit guru – Robbie Wessels. These not only complimented the song, but also agreed to lend his voice to it.

“The song is intended for a group of people, and I knew that it had to be a big song. It was initially difficult to decide which artists to ask, but in the end it worked out so beautifully with Ruhan du Toit and Karlien van Jaarsveld.”

Although she did not write about her look behind the Springbok screens, it certainly served as inspiration for the hit, admits Anlia.

She flies to France on September 20, and is looking forward to finally reuniting with Eben after six weeks. He is currently strengthening after he had to withdraw from the Springboks’ match against Scotland due to a shoulder injury.

“He’s okay. He needs a few rehabilitation sessions, then hopefully he will be back on his feet and on the field quickly,” she said.

However, until she sees him in person, she tries to support him as best she can from South Africa.

Although Anlia grew up in a “typical South African home that always watched rugby,” as she refers to it, the goat fever only hit her much later in life, she confesses.

Her head was full of mice’s nests about acting and singing, and she never expected that her career in the entertainment industry would eventually be intertwined with this well-known South African sport.

“There has been a lot of disappointment and rejection in my career, and I haven’t always understood it. But now, when I look back, I understand,” she says.

“I’m really in a good place. I found my best friend and married him. The Lord always has a plan, and you don’t always realize it.”

Anlia won South African hearts when she sang the national anthem in July 2022 during Eben’s 100th test match for the Springboks. The couple was just engaged at the time, and cherishes this heartwarming moment to this day.

Over the years she has established herself as an actress and singer, and is best known for her role as Sasha Richter in the kykNET soap opera, Married to Rugby.

“I actually knew from childhood that I wanted to sing. I held shows with hairbrushes (as a microphone) for my family,” she says.

“Later I became more interested in films. This is also how I decided to study musical theatre.”

Today Anlia stands in a pair of brand new shoes: those of a Springbok woman.

“The rest of the Springbok women are incredible. The support among them is so great, it’s so nice to be part of them.”

Listen to “Together South Africa” ​​here: